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I wanted to add my latest input on this...

I had sent a money order with a letter ordering two more of the floorplates some time ago, as I had mentioned here. Had heard nothing. When I read the post by jdncsu that he'd ordered on the web site last week and already received his floorplates, I called Lane this morning and left the message that I'd sent in an order by mail nearly four weeks ago, and hadn't heard anything.

This evening he sent me an e-mail, apologizing for my letter having been misplaced, and that my floorplates were in the mail today. He said they'd been having trouble with the e-mail site listed on the web page, and hoped to have it fixed soon.

Clearly, they are set up to handle online orders, and have problems with letters such as the one I sent. I feel that my call will prompt him to check his mail more carefully and, if any others of you have sent an order as I did, I'll bet it has now been found, and will be handled soon, if not already as I write this.

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