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Originally Posted by RoyRNC View Post
I like the reviews I have read so far on the 610 revolver. I was thinking of getting one for IDPA and shooting the .40cal since it appears to shoot smoothly in this revolver(this based on review only). Can you use the same moonclips for the 10mm and .40cal or do I need to have two different kinds?
Use same clips since they are the same case, with 10mm shortened to 40 cal originally.

I am sending mine back to S&W this sunmmer (about July) for chamfering the cylinder to aid loading the cylinder when using LSWC reloads. The gun is drop dead accurate and is so easy to shoot even with my arthretic hands. You will love the gun.

By the way I have had mine lightly polished and I keep her waxed with Mothers Mag Wheel wax.
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