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Originally Posted by RoyRNC View Post
Thanks's good to see some postive responses. I appreciate the posts.

Buds Gun shop has the 610 for $600 for the 4" model. They say that is the "delivered price." Unfortunately Bud's in currently out of stock. My local shop can get me one for $780 out the door. Has anyone come across any other decent pricing? I am thinking $600 is probably the best I will find?

Also, can anyone recommend a good fiber optic front sight for the 610?
They won't be able to match that price again I bet. My buddy said that the last he looked his cost had just about hit the $700 mark a week ago. I got a beautiful HIVIS (fiber optic) from Midway for about $30, don't remember exact price as I bought other items also. But dag nabit it had to have some filing due to sight had flat bottom & sides (90* angle) and I had to bevel it some. Took a file and about 5 minutes and bingo it popped right in and looked factory. I need to take a picture of the 610 with a nice soft polish or shine and the Packmyher Presentation grips, she is a beauty.
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