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Its been about 2.5 years ago....but on hurlburt theres a shooting club down the street from the catm was right next to my old work. They have a 25 yard pistol range and a ~300 yard rifle range...
theres a decent gun/pawn shop (big selection of guns) called Jimmy's off of Mary esther blvd, near 98....I bought my G30 there
There's another class III gun shop in crestview with a big selection...

There used to be a big gunshow at the fairgrounds like once a month, not sure if they still have them.

If you dont have a ccw, and want one.....get it in Florida. I beleive a florida ccw is the best because it is the one where it has the most states where you can transfer it to. Talk to the guys at the hurlburt rifle/pistol club about it
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