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Originally Posted by Bradley Brasso View Post
A sad and tragic story. The Marine Corps, according to press reports, is conducting its own investigation into this situation. I just wonder why the suspect was not under 24/7 surveillance. It does not take too much of an investigator to figure out that 2+2=4. There are all different stories, as there will be, concerning the relationship between the two parties, the NCIS saying that there was, the girl's uncle saying that there wasn't. Sheriff Brown has stated that the Cpl's name was not on the original rape complaint, and that information was not shared with his dept. Maybe better liason between military and civilian LE will result from this. And, just because someone MAY be suffering from bi-polar disorder and may lack in credibility does in no way mitigate what happened to her. I am sure that when the Marines complete their investigation they WILL make changes if necessary.
Hmm, wouldn't a Bi-polar disorder be grounds for discharge?
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