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This Year.....

.....I killed a Eastern Dimondback that hung off both sides of the tailgate of my truck.............on the 7th of Jan.

Mornings are ok but when it warms up early afternoon they are in the sun and extremely cranky. This one struck at me when I was still 10-15 feet away.

The plus for Eglin is the hogs take care of most of them. They will circle it,quickly grab it up and shake it like a boxer dog shakes and old sock. The snake is torn in half almost instantly.

From what I hear,Gulf Breeze Firearms is out of buisness. Jimmy's is still on Eglin Blvd and DOES still give the LEO/Mil discount. Call Glock and they will tell you exactly what an authorized dealer should be charging you for a Glock on this program. That is what you will be charged at Jimmy's. (Glock will tell you Jimmy's is a authorized dealer)

There is a place downtown Crestview that claims to be a LEO/Mil authorized dealer but is not. They will give you a small discount but you will still save $40-$70 at Jimmy's. If you want the name of the ripoff dealer,PM me and I will most gladly give it to you. They have a store in Pensacola that is also a MSRP and above store and they claim to be a LEO/Mil Glock dealer also. People have complained to Glock about these stores but I feel that they sell so many Glocks that Glock looks the other way. VERY SAD !!

Best of luck on your PCS.
You WILL you train !
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