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I'm Enlisted AF in Finance. I'll say that as far as being an Officer is concerned, the Air Force is the way to go. so far as Intel, you're right, its not all its cracked up to be, you'll work long office hrs sitting on your butt a lot of the time looking at tons of paperwork, but its a VERY important job. If you're doing it for the money, don't, to succeed in the Military, from what I've learned, you have to like what you're doing first. If Intel is what you think you're going to like, then jump in. ROTC is tough! From what I've heard talking to several Lts its compared to a "4 year job application." They have it tough, but it pays off.

Not sure if any of this is what you want to hear, but either way, you'll figure something out. Any questions feel free to contact me; I may not have the answer, but I'll get it for you.

Also on getting the job you want? I couldn't tell you on the Officer side of the bird, but I can say that Enlisted, you're SOL most of the time. I went for Avionics, after 96 credits worth of EE and several years in the automotive business, and I got "stuck" in finance. I know the Officers are fairly competitive, let me correct myself VERY competitive.


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