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(Just sent this to Tom Collins)

Commissioner Collins,

As an ardent supporter of the excellent job you have done for our district, I know you share my outrage at the blatant scare tactics used by a few misinformed, and unfortunately well financed, homeowners.

I've only been in the valley a short time compared to you. But in those ten years I've seen our outdoor recreation areas go from relatively close by and abundant to scarce and a long drive off. Our off-road areas are being restricted, our ability to hunt in Clark County is almost completely gone, and now a 20 year project to ensure a safe place to enjoy shooting, is in grave jeopardy.

The Clark County Shooting Park will not only insure a safe place for shooting enthusiasts to practice the sport, it will also be a national and international draw for future sporting events adding another in a long list of reasons people can visit and enjoy the valley that has nothing to do with gambling.

This much needed location will also give parents like myself a modern, safe, public place to teach our children about firearm safety. We will also be able to instill in them the disciple, training and love of the sport we so desperately need, without worrying about trespassing on unmarked land, shooting in an unsafe place, or much more common, others who don't know you are there and just begin firing randomly without checking if someone is behind that hill, rock or ledge.

Most children today only see the negative aspects of gun ownership through violent video games and the 5% of the population who misuse firearms and get on the nightly newscast. We can change that perception by giving them a positive, rewarding and educational environment to enjoy supervised target shooting and the like.

Please, Commissioner Collins, I implore you in the strongest possible terms to oppose these reckless and irresponsible people who can't see the greater good and much needed positive impact the Clark County Shooting Park will have for all 2 million residents here.

I look forward to meeting you again, Wednesday, July 1 in the Commissioners Chambers. I and many of the CC Shooting Park supporters will be there to help present a more balance and fair view of the park, just like you and all of Nevada's responsible leaders have in the past.


Jim Bianchi
Clark County Resident
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