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Here are a couple of responses I have gotten:

Thank you for your e-mail regarding the Clark County Shooting Park. I support all the efforts that have gone into making this project a reality. I was there the day we broke ground and I hope to be there on the day the Park opens to the public.
Rory Reid
Thank you for your email. I will make sure Commissioner Giunchigliani sees your comments.

Marcie Whelan
Executive Assistant to
Commissioner Giunchigliani
This is what I emailed to them:


I am writing to show my support for the Clark County Shooting Park. It is important to me and practically all of those whom I know and associate with. The completion of this park according to it's original intention will demonstrate our county leaders are truly in touch with the people here and provide a valuable asset to everyone in the community.

I hope that you will do the right thing by supporting the completion of this project in it's entirety.

Thank you.

Due to inflation, my $.02 no longer matters.
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