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Originally Posted by Picketeer View Post
I guess my basic question is, why don't they staff their business if they are in fact in business! Most businesses have a phone number and an email where your emails get answered! I sent an email over a week ago to this Lane person and still no response! I too would like to buy some of these but I want to talk to a real person to give me Credit Card info to and not post it on the internet for the whole world to view! I really like the way they look on a mag/gun and will eventually wind up with a set or two for my G26 I hope!

Gun-Parts & Access.
They are a very small, home run operation, and both the father and the son have full time jobs. So they don't have the money for a full time staff. So I guess, you want to do business with them, you'll have to do it their way.

That said, they produce a product that is very unique, has a very limited market, and is of great value to most folks owning 26's and 27's.

I have ordered from them twice now, by sending a money order with ordering information. You can go to their web site, check the "order by mail" option, print the order form, and order like I did. And your credit card info is safe.

It takes a brave person to enter into a small business in this manner, and I would never fault him for the way he does his business.

Of course, that's just me, and IMO.
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