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Originally Posted by texLJ View Post
They are a very small, home run operation, and both the father and the son have full time jobs. So they don't have the money for a full time staff. So I guess, you want to do business with them, you'll have to do it their way.

That said, they produce a product that is very unique, has a very limited market, and is of great value to most folks owning 26's and 27's.

I have ordered from them twice now, by sending a money order with ordering information. You can go to their web site, check the "order by mail" option, print the order form, and order like I did. And your credit card info is safe.

It takes a brave person to enter into a small business in this manner, and I would never fault him for the way he does his business.

Of course, that's just me, and IMO.
No one is faulting anyone for going into business but the least thing he could do is to answer his emails! If not, he should take the email contact info off of his website! That said, I rest my case!
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