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Originally Posted by dday27 View Post
Went to H&H range today with new part installed and all I can say is, What a difference! Will be ordering one for all my Glocks!
We are all capable of believing what we want to. I am amazed at how I do that myself. It is just barely possible that you just think the performance was better or that the performance WAS better because you were trying harder (subconsciously) or because you felt more confident. The only way to be sure is to do a blind side-by-side comparison. Have someone else install the slide lock so you don't know which one is in the gun. Then have them swap the parts and shoot again. That way you will know for sure that it's the part and not you.

I do NOT mean any disrespect to you or the manufacturer of the part. I really hope that it does improve performance. But only a blind test can tell for sure.
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