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Originally Posted by hollywood_5150 View Post
I was reading all of this and wanted to laugh. I have been dealing with Steve for over 10 years, and frankly this is the only shop I go to. His prices are the best, and if you are kind enough to wait until he is finished with his other customers, I find Steve to be quite friendly. The one thing you have to remember, when I am in his shop it is usually full of customers, and only one Steve to wait on them. If I am busy at work and someone says "I'm just looking" I will go to the next person. If you would have said "I called about the P-22 mags" he would have known who you were. I was in his store on a Saturday 2 weeks ago for about 45 mins., and he sold 9 guns while I was there so I think he stays fairly busy. So, complain all you want. He may be blunt and to the point, but it's his business. And all the cronies you mentioned, I'm guessing most of the time they are Springfield, Nixa, Ozark or Greene County officers, and very good customers.

If you don't like it, shop somewhere else. He's been in business a long time, so he must be doing something right. Or better yet, open your own shop so we can talk about you.
The original post said that some guy standing behind the counter who said "he didnt work there" yelled to Steve from behind the counter. How could you know that if you never have been there before if "Steve" was with a customer? And most people don’t like attitudes from store keepers especially if they intend to spend some money.

I find that loud mouth people with attitudes have a following of people that want to kiss their ***** and be "in" with them. I have one in my neighborhood that laughs at the other guys that try to buddy with him behind their backs. He too will be a jerk to people, talks about his fighting days, loud, belligerent and these guys just hover around him. I don't do that and visits me and is always cool with me.

Yep, guys like Steve always have a following of ***** kissers. It's not his "great" prices that keep you there Hollywood. But if his business is lucky to be successful despite his attitude, think how well he would be if he just treated people with common courtesy. I bet he gets bent out of shape if somebody talks to him like that.

I will "find" a better price if I have to before I give that guy my money. Gun elitist is what he sounds like. Wish his store were in Texas, I would visit him today.

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