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Originally Posted by Miranda View Post
Who owns it now, and what happened to steve?
There was Steve that actually owned the 2 ranges, he is an older guy with a beard and glasses; then there was Steve Hysell, the guy that was in his 30s. He just ran the shop for Steve the owner.
I was in the AIM range the other day when Steve the owner came in and talked with Jerry Jockisch, the current owner and manager of AIM.
The Saraland store was closed do to the "...bad management that had been in place." I don't know why he is closing the Old Shell Road store. I think it was doing more business than the Saraland one.

Jerry seems to be making a good go at succeeding with the Saraland store, looking for ways to make the customers happy. I think he is going to be a lot freer with copes of his FFL. This means if you find an out of state purchase you want, he will do the transfer (for a fee) and you can have it sent to him and then come in and do your paperwork.

I hope he succeeds, I hate to see a range close. Now, if we can just get some better fans and vents in the back of the range...........
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