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Older steve is a true gun person and you can't get away from him when you start talking guns. I really like the guy. I went in the Saraland shop 1 time to buy a gun and young Steve was out for the moment but I got what I wanted and all the papers signed the girl behind the counter was just waiting for him to come back. First walks in his attitude, followed by his body I had already been waiting for somebody to take my money and noone else was in the store, he procedes to eat his McDonalds while he knows I'm waiting and have been waiting. In hind-sight I should have just walked out but I really wanted the rifle. I swore I'd never go back and never have. Even at the gun shows I just walk around his table and don't even bother to look cuz I'd never buy from him anyway no matter the price. I feel sorry for his wife if he has one. Older Steve is great.Young steve...........the worst salesperson ever. The Saraland shop never had a chance although it hung in there longer than I thought.
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