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Affliction: Banned and UFC: SILVA vs. IRVIN

Both were good shows.

For those who don't know, Affliction clothing company decided to hold their own MMA event, so the UFC banned them from sponsoring fighters that compete. Hence the name. They have some definite name recognition when it comes to fighters and Donald Trump has ponied up some cash for them, so who knows what the future holds.

Anyways, UFC results first.

Fighter 1 v. Fighter 2: Winner, Method, Round, Round Time expired

UD=Unanimous Decision
SD=Split Decision
MD= Majority Decision
DOC = Doctor Stoppage
KO, TKO, SUB and DRAW are all self explanatory.

Only going with the televised fights.

Jesse "JT Money" Taylor vs. C.B. "The Doberman" Dollaway: Dollaway, SUB, R1, 3:58
Taylor screwed up, but Dana White needed somebody willing to fight on short notice, so Taylor, after cleaning up his life a bit, was welcomed back. There are only two words to describe this fight. Peruvian Necktie. What? I said:
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Kevin Burns vs. Anthony Johnson: Burns, TKO, R3, 3:35
This fight was a little weird. Good action throughout, but Burns kept throwing a palm strike jab (Burns later explained that he had broken his hand three times and couldn't throw a fist) that repeatedly had fingers striking Johnson in the eye. In the third, Burns threw a "jab" and then an uppercut, Johnson SCREAMED in pain and then collapsed to the canvas. The ref stopped the fight and declared it a TKO for Burns because of the angle he was at. However, a replay showed that the "jab" had a finger go deep into Johnson's eye and the uppercut missed completely. The rules say that a ref cannot use instant replay to make his decision and his decision stands unless an appeal is made to the Nevada Athletic Commission. Should be ruled a disqualification win for Johnson.

Cain Velasquez vs. "Irish" Jake O'Brien: Velasquez, TKO, R1, 2:02
Ok, normally I don't mind if a fight goes a little longer than it should, but in this one, I was yelling at my TV. Velaszquez got O'Brien into a crucifix and began dropping shots. Admittedly, they weren't very hard, but part of not being stopped is intelligently defending yourself, which O'Brien wasn't doing. Velasquez had O'Brien in that position for 56 seconds and landed 77 UNANSWERED shots before the ref stopped it.

Frankie Edgar vs. Hermes Franca: Edgar, UD
Boring. Good 1st rd and Franca almost took Edgar's arm home with him, but Edgar escaped and just dominated Franca for the rest of the fight.

Brandon "The Truth" Vera vs. Andy Reese: Vera UD
Once again, boring fight. Vera looked slow and sloppy, probably because this is his first time cutting to 205 lbs.

Non-Title fight

UFC Middleweight Champion
Anderson "The Spider" Silva
6'2" 206 lbs.


James "The Sandman" Irvin
6'2" 206 lbs.

This fight marked Anderson Silva's first foray into the UFC's 205 division. I wish I had more to type, but well...
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Anderson "The Spider" Silva
KO R1 1:01
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