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Originally Posted by Morris View Post
Say hellow to the ROMAD studs while you are there.
I think they prefer to be called JTACs as ROMAD is, from what I understand from a friend who's a JTAC, is that a ROMAD is essentially a stepdown in the foodchain or what JTACs are called if they get decertified.

What's really strange is that my friend ended up being the supervisor of one of the guys I both shipped to basic from San Diego with and was in the same flight with while there while these guys were stationed at Hickam AFB. When my friend took me to his squadron's headquarter's at Wheeler Army Airfield while on vacation in Hawaii I ran into the guy from BMT and said, "DUDE!, I know you!" He was as shocked as I was and even more so when my friend said he was the guy's supervisor. The AF sure is a small world.
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