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tooouter, Thanks for posting the power pistol load and data! Seeing that you got those numbers with the 4.6" barrel will help me work with my S&W 1006 5" to see what differences might be. I notice my first shoots are the fastest till the oil from cleaning is gone.

I'll be shooting the 9X25 Dillon from my S&W 1006 with a Bar-Sto conversion match grade barrel I purchased from Mike McNett of Double Tap, I hand fitted it to the pistol but had to send it out to a gunsmith to have the chamber finish reamed to proper depth.

I have tested the S&W 1006 with the Bar-Sto 9X25 barrel, with DT 90/115/125 gr. GD 9X25 ammo and the pistol worked flawlessly. Velocities were not as high as advertised due to the 5" barrel I suppose.

I am going to work up some loads with Blue Dot too when I get my dies ordered and shipped in.

Thanks again!
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