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Originally Posted by _The_Shadow View Post
tooouter, Thanks for posting the power pistol load and data! Seeing that you got those numbers with the 4.6" barrel will help me work with my S&W 1006 5" to see what differences might be. I notice my first shoots are the fastest till the oil from cleaning is gone.

I'll be shooting the 9X25 Dillon from my S&W 1006 with a Bar-Sto conversion match grade barrel I purchased from Mike McNett of Double Tap, I hand fitted it to the pistol but had to send it out to a gunsmith to have the chamber finish reamed to proper depth.

I have tested the S&W 1006 with the Bar-Sto 9X25 barrel, with DT 90/115/125 gr. GD 9X25 ammo and the pistol worked flawlessly. Velocities were not as high as advertised due to the 5" barrel I suppose.

I am going to work up some loads with Blue Dot too when I get my dies ordered and shipped in.

Thanks again!
You're very welcome! A S&W 1006 in 9X25 is an awesome rig! I can't wait to hear how your loads do, please do post 'em when you got the data. I love the 10mm, .357 Sig and now I'm sold on the 9X25.

Now that I've got the 9X25 bug, I'm tore between my next purchase of a 1006 or a Dan Wesson 10mm 1911 converted to 9x25.

I'm very pleased with Power Pistol, I'm thinking 1850 averages are safely attainable out of the G20. I only paid $88 for the barrel, so I'm into 9X25 on the cheap. For the money, I can't believe how well the Lone Wolf barrel is, it locks up tighter than stock and the chamber is very noticeably tighter while I haven't had a single malfunction with a few hundred rounds through it.

I did make some additions to the G20 that I really didn't need to, I bought a Wolf stainless guide rod and a "calibration pack" of recoil springs. I've only ran the stock weight 17 lb spring & haven't had any issues. I also added adjustable night sights but haven't noticed a big enough difference in POI between the 180 grn 10mm rounds and 95 & 100 grn 9X25 rounds to warrant the need for adjustables.

Power Pistol burns incredibly clean in this application & with my barrel length, I've yet to find anybody getting the velocities I'm seeing. I'm curious how Blue Dot compares in terms of velocity and cleanliness, please let me know so we can compare notes.

Are you getting the Dillon dies? I'm using Doubletap brass with a Hornady .357 Sig size die, then running it through an additional Hornady 10mm size die to size the last (or first) 3.6mm of the case. I don't run the .357 Sig die down far enough to entirely re-profile the neck down radius in order to not mess with head spacing. So far it's working perfectly. Since I already reload .357 Sig and 10mm I didn't have to buy any additional dies and won't as long as the brass keeps holding up.

Let me know how your experiment goes.
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