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tooouter, here is a tidbit for you, Don't purchase a S&W 10XX thinking about getting extra barrels. The Bar-Sto 9X25 Dillon barrel was made early on via special order by Mike McNett for the S&W1006. Bar-Sto is NOT producing any barrels for the S&W10xx pistols and neither is any other manufacture, that's a damn shame.

I have considered the 9X25 Lone Wolf barrel for my Glock 29 in the near future. I would like it longer than stock without the ports, Their longer barrel has ports maybe I could get one without.

Yes I will pop for the Dillon dies ($125+ S/H) as they are dimensioned correctly for the shoulder and have two carbide sizing rings from what I was told, one for the 9mm neck the other for the 10mm base.

You may be better off with a FUSION Arms 10mm with a conversion barrel possibly.

Yes recent testing of Power Pistol in my Glock 29 has shown better velocities with the 200XTP than with Blue Dot loads. IMR 800X and AA#9 are some powders I wish to obtain.

Here are some scans of the "Lyman 2nd edition Pistol & Revolver Reloading Handbook" 9X25 Dillon cartridge info, be sure to note that the test barrels were 8" for this data and there is no SAAMI Pressure set for this cartridge

Good to see others interested in the caliber still.
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