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TR Graham can be reached at (832)695-7192, or emai at Great guy to deal with. The MGSL is $30.00, and super easy to install. The MGSL is the one on top. You can see the area where the barrel locks into is smaller than the OEM. The MGSL is lightly extended as well allowing for easier take down. It is hard to see in the pictures, but the OEM slide lock is actually bowed a little. TR explaind that with a stamped part this sometimes happens. This can also be a mechanical contribution to your Glock not shooting POA. It can cause shooting left of right. The one I have here is a pretty good one as you can see the wear marks are fairly even. TR said look at your slide lock, and there will usually be wear more on one side than the other. This is an effect of the part not being true, or straight. The MGSL is laser cut harded steel, and is very true. My 23 shoot POA to begin with, so this wasn't an issue for me.

Gun-Parts & Access.

Gun-Parts & Access.
Is it just the photo or is the groove cut in the top slidelock top photo, much wider on the right side than on the left?
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