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Hate to go against the grain here and I don't own a single Invicta so take it for what it's worth...

But I've read more than a few threads (perhaps on WUS?) harshly critical of Invicta's warranty and customer service, and even more gripes about a supposed lack of QC in their factories. One dealer was even going on about how he no longer deals with Invicta as they're a PITA and don't honor their word.

That aside, they seem to be fine if you're looking for a cheap, attractive, supposedly reliable Rolex knock-off to use as a beater. They make some decent models with automatic movements, sapphire glass and online you'd easily find one for well under $300. At that price, I figure if the watch lasts five years you've gotten your money's worth and can afford the minor repair bill you'll have to foot yourself when it breaks down.

To be perfectly honest, though...if you're looking for Rolex/Omega knockoffs, you'd be FAR better served just getting yourself an Orient (Mako or the Submariner copy), as they're even cheaper than the Invictas and, from everything I've ever read, seen, heard or experienced (I own three Orients) they're superior to Invicta in every way.

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