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I picked up an Invicta 3914 Chronograph a few months ago off of Woot and I've been very happy with it. The fit and finish is great, feels like a solid well made watch. Swiss movement and sapphire crystal, all for under $150. Pretty good deal I thought. I usually wear it to work a few days a week and I always get complimented on it.

While I've never played with Invicta's "Rolex" knockoff, I do own the Orient knockoff that Rampage posted. Between these two at least, the Orient can't compare to the Invicta. The Orient, to me, has a cheap feel to it and doesn't seem to have the fit and finish of the Invicta. While the Invicta seems to have the quality of a expensive swiss watch, the Orient is like every other cheap Jap watch I've handled. While I've had no problems with it, nothing stands out about it either.

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