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Originally Posted by gruntmedik View Post
Wow! Looks too pretty to shoot.

Never to pretty to shoot. I would not use it to go take a week long course, but I will shoot it. I have confidence in the gun to make it through the class, but I have other 1911's with a more durable finish I would take.

I even take my engraved guns and shoot them. Some of the people where I shoot think I am crazy because of the guns I actually shoot.

The only guns I do not shoot on a regular basis are the ones that belong to my father. They are nothing fancy, but could never be replaced, if damaged, or lost. These guns are shot once or twice a year. September 5, marks one year since my father passed away. I will take his guns to the range over the weekend and shoot them.

I could not imagine buying a gun, and not shooting it. The only reason not to shoot a gun is because of the loss in value. I am a shooter who collects gun, I do not collect guns just to have them, or for an investment. I will never sell most of these guns, so resale means nothing to me.

I am starting to try and collect some of the WW II Colt's. The only reason I would not shoot one of them is if it was original, and not safe to shoot it.

My FFL also has an indoor shooting range. I usually pick up a gun, use one of their offices to break it down, inspect, clean, and oil the gun, and then shoot it. I usually like to shot 100 - 200 rounds through it, then I take it home and clean it. This one will be no exception.
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