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Originally Posted by BustedFlush View Post
I ordered from twice in the past, once in 2006, and again in 2007.

I know their website was down earlier this year, and I don't know what that was all about.

Anyway, I saw the website was back up, and placed a new order on Saturday, August 23. By Tuesday I got a polite shipping notice by email from Greg Pugh, and on Friday, August 29, the package was in my mailbox.

I notice the package shipped from NM. I believe they used to be in Oregon. That may have something to do with whatever was ailing this family business.

I can't think of any Glock accessory I've every bought that was more useful. I'm glad that Greg and Lane are back in business, and I wish them well.

Well hello Busted Flush! I'd been off this forum for several months, and when I left, you were off and not posting, and I was worried about you.

GREAT to come back, and see you posting again!

I now have more of the GAP floorplates than I even need, since it turns out that my wife, with her small hands, does not like them. On the other hand, for me they MAKE the 27, one of which, as you may remember, I now own, and carry quite a bit. Did get the problem with it ironed out, by the way, it was the recoil spring assembly, in fact, as I believe you predicted. I'm carrying it more and more, LOVE to shoot it, and happy with it. I'm about to put a Crimson Trace Laser Grip on my 23, relegating it to mostly nighttime carry, and home defense.

Again, GREAT to see your post!

David, aka texLJ
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