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Forget the fact that he is the most left-wing liberal in the senate, running with another left wing radical, Biden.
Forget the fact that his "uncle"/"mentor" is a white hating hate speech monger, who is only equaled by the Neo-Nazi groups in spreading hate, in the name of God.
Forget the fact that all he has accomplished in his two years of his senate seat, was to sign to bills, which were actually authored by the senior senator in IL, so he'd have at least something on his "resume".
Forget the fact that his wife blatantly has great disdain for her "country".
Forget the fact that he consorts with known "american" terrorists, who have bombed the White House, and killed others, and is unapologetic about it.
Forget the fact that he's the most arrogan horses ass, I've ever listened too.

Let's get to the one basic fact, his qualifications.
Obama being elected to POTUS, is equivelent to a 16 year old, after two weeks of working the fry cooker at McDonald's, being promoted to CEO.
Geez, I really just don't understand his backers. I try, but there is nothing but illogical rehetoric to a "celebrity" in an empty suit.

God help us if he's elected.
I think, therefore, my head hurts........:faint:
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