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Originally Posted by slewfoot View Post
What makes you believe Obama will be calling the shots?

Obama's only function in the democrat party is to rubber stamp anything coming out of the democratic controlled congress...
You probably put more thought in what color toothbrush to buy than you have about your vote.
You are not paying attention. The democratic controlled congress was for HRC....but the people, through a grass roots movement, put BHO in front. Over 2 million people have given money to his campaign.
As for thought into my vote vs. my toothbrush:
Seriously? You think just because someone disagrees with you they are stupid? Really?
This is what I know. The average American gained income every year under Clinton. Then lost money every year under Bush.
The richest 1% did very well under Clinton...but did even better under Bush.
Taxes will go down for everyone under BHO, unless they make over $250K a year.
So I guess you either make over $250K a year (congratulations, good for you, I don't blame you for voting against Obama). Or you have not thought this whole thing through...
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