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Originally Posted by cookekdjr View Post
You must be talking about something else or have your facts wrong. The Iraq war vet clearly says:

Well Iíve been a Ron Paul supporter since the beginning of this campaign. Since before this campaign started, actually, Iíve been a fan of Paul. So Iíve got a lot of friends in the Ron Paul crowd. And heís got a lot of delegates in there. More than the Republican Party is willing to admit. And the fact that I got into there is proof of that. One of Paulís alternate delegates got me a guest pass.
The vets supporting Paul or Paul's delegates are not the part in question. The fact you said he called vet's "ground noise" and "static" is wrong . He called the code pink protester that was being led out by security "ground noise" and "static" not vets. If you watched or will watch the speach it is clear where he directed his comment .
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