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Originally Posted by striker6126 View Post
The vets supporting Paul or Paul's delegates are not the part in question. The fact you said he called vet's "ground noise" and "static" is wrong . He called the code pink protester that was being led out by security "ground noise" and "static" not vets. If you watched or will watch the speach it is clear where he directed his comment .
No, it was directed at the vet who started it. Which is why the title of the article is:

McCain Speech Interrupted by Iraq Vet Heckler

instead of McCain speech interrupted by code pink protester.

The Ron Paul-supporting Iraq vet was the guy led out in handcuffs and interviewed on the scene by the reporter. He was the guy who started it, questioning why McCain has turned his back on Iraq vets. And McCain never responded except for his comment about static and ground noise. Did McCain make some other response to the guy that I missed? If you know of one please share it with us.
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