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Originally Posted by cookekdjr View Post
Ok, I see where the confusion is. The interviews and reporting I've heard on this were that the code pink and vet protests were very close in time. I understood that the vet felt like the static comment etc was directed towards him. I can see why you would think otherwise in light of how the code pink person is shown on camera while the vet is not. I've followed this story on more than one outlet and it was understood based on the reporters present and the vet who was led away in handcuffs that they felt the static comment was directed towards him. Maybe McCain meant the comment only towards the code pink folks and was ignoring the vet (which is still pretty bad in my opinion to ignore the vets he supposedly cares about).
The outlets that i have seen do show the vet holding a sign , however i have not seen anything that shows him being led out in cuffs (not saying it did not happen) I have read on other sites where they have said this but if anyone looks at the video evidence it is VERY clear who it was directed at.

As far as ignoring the vet , does anyone really expect some one making a speach to stop and engage in debate with them?
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