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Per Eric's sticky post at the top of the voting booth forum I am bowing out of this discussion.
I understand this is largely a conservative bunch. That's fine. I'm used to being a minority.
I would ask that, as this election grows closer, and the rhetoric and attack ads increase on both sides, that everyone here at GT not just accept any charge leveled at either candidate. I have found that almost every charge directed at Obama via an email (and many on Fox News) have been proven false. The emails are generally exposed on snopes by the time you get them. The Fox News stuff is generally cleared up on other networks that many here don't watch. But it is out there.
I would also ask that, there being two major choices left, that people here at GT actually watch the debates, then fact check them the next day. Be informed.
Finally, I 'd ask, since most folks here at GT are automatically going to vote for McCain, that you at least consider voting Obama. Check out his site. Read his response to the hatchet-job swift-boat biography that was released recently. See what his tax plan would actually do for you (for 99% of you, it will lower your taxes). Compare his voting record on veterans affairs vs. McCain's. See who has really flip-flopped and who has not. See how many retired generals support Obama vs. McCain.
If you still want to vote for McCain after comparing the two, fine. Vote your conscience. But I'd ask that you actually make an informed comparison.
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