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Originally Posted by keith56 View Post
No he is not even close to being presidential material although someone did mention some thing a little closer to his speed , a fry cook at McDonald's.
What is wrong with the 35 year old "fry cook." He could very well be the better choice. Seriously, look at some of these politicians, grown men who have large wallets and owe people. At least the "fry cook" would not owe some special interest clown (well other then Ronald, Wendy, and the BK guy).


He was born in the United States and meets the age requirement.

I doubt the presidential election rarely produces the "best and most qualified canidate." It is just the best system we have at the moment. For example, most of you would not think I had the required experience, but I know I would do better then those clowns running now.

For example, take all issues off the table, just leave the war. Your "choice" is to vote for the guy who caws like a hawk or you vote for the guy that coos like a dove . Who knows what you will get from either. The more experienced issue will always come down to who is older, not who is most qualified. A lot of the "issues" that are talked about concerning who should be president don't even center around presidential issues. Now I bet you think I'm voting for Obama. I'm not.

The OP question is part of the problem. Instead of additing up the positive qualities of a canidate, people spend more time adding up the "whats wrong" list. That is why the only right answer to the OP would be the only qualities that can be quantified:

He was born in the United States and meets the age requirement.

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