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There is a place downtown Crestview that claims to be a LEO/Mil authorized dealer but is not. They will give you a small discount but you will still save $40-$70 at Jimmy's. If you want the name of the ripoff dealer,PM me and I will most gladly give it to you. They have a store in Pensacola that is also a MSRP and above store and they claim to be a LEO/Mil Glock dealer also. People have complained to Glock about these stores but I feel that they sell so many Glocks that Glock looks the other way. VERY SAD !!

Best of luck on your PCS.
I think the place you are referring to is (removed for discretion saw the above pm message in the quote) right in the center of Crestview. I peaked in there once and that was IT. I bought my G23 from Jimmy's Pawn like everyone else has mentioned. The were friendly and I got the discount no questions asked. I recommend them hightly. They even used to have a Barrett M82 with the CQB length barrel. LOL I can't believe they even call it a CQB Barrett. God I love shooting those things though.

While I was at Eglin I always meant to go hog hunting and I saw them very frequently while running around on the range. At times I wish they'd at least have let me pack a M9 on my hip while I was doing ordnance sweeping. I surprised way too many sleeping hog families while carrying an ordnance detector and a shovel. Just mind where you step while out there I had to respond out to hunting areas about 10 times over my four years for unexploded ordnance. Hell, sometimes I'd even fine two or three on the way to the one that was called in. Nothing like killing multiple birds with one boom. In order to get your pass you'll have to watch a UXO video and you'll get a map telling you where you'll be more likely to run into one.

Lucky for you the houses in the area got way cheaper than when I was there. I couldn't touch a house for $150k when I was there. Now those are selling for about $30K less at least.
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