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OBAMA 2012
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Originally Posted by Silent Runner View Post
I watched his speech last night and was impressed.

I think the fact that so many watched his speech is also a sign of great interested (38+ million watched, according to the Nielsen ratings) in his candidacy.

I am looking forward to watching the RNC next week and of course, the Presidential debates... I think with Pallin being tapped by McCain, the VP debate will be very interesting to watch.

If Obama is elected (which I think he will be), I don't think much will change around our Second Amendment rights.
I agree. I think he will be elected and I dont think he or his administration is going to hurt our abilities/rights to own our glocks. The right to carry is a state right anyways. I think this nation is ready for a change from the past 8 years. It is because of this pervasive notion that I think that he will win. And Palin???Are you kidding me?
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