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Originally Posted by cookekdjr View Post the grass roots?
Seriously, I understand you not liking his stance on some issues. I get that. But follow the money? Most of his contributions are less than $100 and come from average Americans.
Are you saying you don't like average folks? I'm afraid I don't understand. Did he suddenly get a payoff from somebody and it wasn't public knowledge? Help us out here...

You had better take a look at his long time friends, Ayers, Rev. Wright. etc. Ayers has bombed federal buildings, Rev. Wright, hates America. Look at the attitude of his associates towards the United States. This will tell you a lot about his attitude, about this country. Also, he has gotten very large contributions from the ousted heads of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Also his attitude toward our injured veterans, whan he was in Gemany, speaks volumes about him. His record in the Illinois senate also speaks volumes. TAX TAX TAX. He wants nothing more than to turn the United States into a socialist country, so th government can tell you what you can and cannot do. This man is not qualified to be President of the USA.
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