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Eglin's Hogs

pisc1024, Would be more than happy to tell you about and direct you to,some places on Eglin that has more hogs than anywhere else. ANYONE that wants to know anything about location needs to PM me. I don't mind you Eglin guys knowing but I don't want to advertise too openly.

IMO, shotguns are a no-no. I had a buddy/instructor that used to say,"buckshot is gutshot". Simply said,a load of buckshot could do the trick but you will have a mess on your hands. 9-12 pellets, in a tight pattern, at close range, will make a mess of the finest eatin' meat on the face of the earth.

At the longer ranges,say 40-70yds,the pattern will be so large that the hog probably will run,to die later. Possibly with very little blood to follow as the soft lead of buckshot will not penetrate very far.

There are places in Eglin, that if the hog went 40yds, you may never find him,or would rather not go get him even if you could see him. Those places have 6 inches of standing water with 10ft of mud under that.

Some(probably most) of the shots will be in the fairly open mature pine and blackjack oak forrest. Those shots could be 50 to 150+yds long. A deer rifle will do for this type of hunting. Some of my hunting is sitting up above a thick creek bottom and watching a trail that leads to and from that bottom. These shots can be almost as long or as short as you want to make them. Mostly they are 50'ish yds for me.

Using a deer rifle with scope is ok but remember to have your vairable power scope set to the lowest power. At least initially. The very best weapon(IMO) is the short,light,big bore carbine(or pistol) .357mag(with the right load),10mm,.44mag,45LC,.454Casull,450Marlin,.45-70,and the like are simply the greatest. The big,slow bullets do far less meat damage than the 270's,308's,30-06's,243's,and the like. Of course they all will kill.

Remember also the hogs you see in Eglin can be substantially larger than any deer you will see. A big deer will probably be 140-160lbs. There have been quite a few hogs killed in Eglin that are 400+lbs. And tons over 300lbs. This is where those slow,heavy,well made bullets really shine. Especially the WFN and WLN hardcast.

Permits for Eglin went on sale today. For active duty or retired military(me) ask for the "Military Gold" permit. It will only cost you $20. Pick up the permits at Jackson Guard. I will be going one day this week. Anyone that wants to meet me there to discuss where to hunt,let me kow the day and time. In fact I can show you with the map that you will get with your permit.

Good huntin" -----pruhdlr
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