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Originally Posted by meshmdz View Post
Lady Glock, I am not a member of his staff so I cannot tell you how he plans to do it. However, I can tell you where he is going to start... He will raise taxes on those who make over $200,000.00 a year and roll back tax breaks for big corporations who write off taxes as philanthropy.

You have healthcare right? Then do not worry about universal healthcare. Under Obama's plan, you will be entitled to keep your healthcare plan private if you so desire. The socialized healthcare is going to be enacted for those people who DO NOT have healthcare. How can any decent American be against other Americans having the right to see a doctor when they are sick? It will not take away your private healthcare through whomever you have it with.
Raise taxes on those making over $200k a year..........Don't get me wrong I don't make that much YET but I do not think it is American to punish and penalize someone for being successful and making a good living.

Universal health care is not as great as it care is a priveledge not a god given right. A tax raise is in order to provide health care for everyone. Ask someone from Canada how much a six pack of Carona cost them. The quality of health care will go down for those of us who work and contribute to society. Ask a doctor what he thinks about universal health care.

Think about this-Does some over weight, cigarette smoking, unemployed, wellfare collecting slob have the same right to a heart transplant as your insured children?
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