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How will raising taxes on those that make nearly a quarter million dollars annually "BANKRUPT" the country? Bankrupting the country is exactly what is happening right now with the 2 largest mortgage companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac going under the way they are. The government is intervening (very un-Republican though isnt it???) and preventing a potentially catastrophic economical recession.

Why do people that ALREADY have healthcare care about universal healthcare? Your plans will still be available and for you if Obama's plan goes as he says it will. Doctors in Germany and England do not make as much as doctors in the USA do, you are correct. However, they are paid approximately $200,000.00 a year. The problem in the USA is that people are greedy and want all they want no matter what it costs them or others. WHat ever happened to helping out those that are the least amongst us? Isnt "Christian principle" something that Republicans harp on and have to count on every election to win? Where is their principle in their policies?

Are people going to abuse the system? Yes. Will people take advantage of any program? Yes. Does that mean that it is wholistically wrong? No. Universal healthcare will help more than it will hurt.
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