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In all my years on the net, this is the first site I've ever paid a membership fee for.

I did it because I believed I was supporting a worthwhile cause that was struggling and in danger of failing.

I came in at the top tier hoping it would give me benefits unavailable to others, and because the cost was reasonable to be top tier and if I was going to support GT, I was going to go as far as I could financially. At the time, it was a rash expense I regretted almost immediately.

I'm glad I did it now, but for a while, I could have really used that money elsewhere.

Since I have never been a member of any premium site, not even porn, I keep waiting to see what useful benefits come with my CLM.

My expectations where high because my level of commitment was also high.

So far, I'm under-whelmed.

I guess I expected too much.
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