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Originally Posted by JimBianchi View Post
In all my years on the net, this is the first site I've ever paid a membership fee for.

I did it because I believed I was supporting a worthwhile cause that was struggling and in danger of failing.

I came in at the top tier hoping it would give me benefits unavailable to others, and because the cost was reasonable to be top tier and if I was going to support GT, I was going to go as far as I could financially. At the time, it was a rash expense I regretted almost immediately.

I'm glad I did it now, but for a while, I could have really used that money elsewhere.

Since I have never been a member of any premium site, not even porn, I keep waiting to see what useful benefits come with my CLM.

My expectations where high because my level of commitment was also high.

So far, I'm under-whelmed.

I guess I expected too much.
Jim, did you read my first announcement in this forum, or the messages posted at the top of the two threads you have no responded to in this forum? You've now shared this comment twice and it had no place in either thread. I am working to improve this site and I am asking for comments that are directly related to the upgrades I am undertaking. If you have comments to make on your membership, have the courtesy to take them up with me directly. Not here.

Guys, I will ask once again that comments in this forum remain on-point. Eric
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