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Originally Posted by SomeDay View Post
I understand.
Eric, at one point you had mentioned possibly dedicating a corner of GT to those that have passed on. Is that still in the works? Also, a list of those who have been banned - more morbid curiosity than anyting else.
I have already wasted enough time on those that had to be banned and would probably not doing anything to aggrandize them, but I do want to do something for people who have passed on. I have a user group for them and already have a number that I have found out about set up there. This way, if someone who know them search for them on the site, they'll know they have died. I'll do more, when I can. The problem is, I know little or nothing about most of them.

On an ironic and somewhat related note, I recently moved my first person from the banned list to the deceased list. I heard about a formerly-banned member who passed. That is the first time THAT has happened. Eric
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