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Originally Posted by meshmdz View Post
Eric, props on the blogs you have offered us on GT. How can we find the link to our blog on Glock Talk, to send to others online so that they can see our GT blogs? Also, can they see the blog even if they are not members? If not, then that would be something that would be neat to have. Users using their GT blogs as their main blog. I have mine linked on my facebook site and it shows up when I click on it but I think that might be because I am always logged into GT. ANy thoughts?

Also, the archive idea is great. Uzi talk has an UZI library and it is very neat and informative. We could comprise the same thing here with Glocks.

Hello. You can send someone a link to your profile. One of the tabs in your profile area is your blog and that is viewable to everyone, logged in or not. The easiest way for you to get to your own profile, to get the link, is to click on your name at the upper right of the page, where it says 'Welcome, Your Name'. Copy the URL from your profile page and send that to people. I intend to enhance that area of the site and integrate the blog content more fully into the site as well.

Several people have posted concerning old posts that were lost. They aren't gone, they just aren't on the site right now. I will work to reintegrate the important ones back into the live side of the site and when I can manage it, I will work to add the others to an archive system. I have backups of the database going back pretty far. Eric
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