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Originally Posted by spdski View Post
As a matter of fact I am American.

I also think it is a bit silly to fear a candidate because of his name or where his father was born.

Policies are a good reason to vote one way or another, but going just by name is like saying you wouldn't have supported Eisenhower in the WW2 era because he had German ancestry.
Don't fear the name...fear the actions....I'm not voting for him for many reasons. Two big ones...OB fully supports/supported his cousin while his cousin attempted to overturn/ruin legit elections in Kenya...hmm...interesting. Supporting for a lack of better term, terrorist(by definition, one who causes terror).

Second, this country was founded on God and Christianity. I WILL NOT vote for someone who openly admits his muslim faith (then reneges, then admits again and then reneges, etc, etc)...hmm, glad he can make a cleat dicision...oh yeah, remind me of something else with making decisions...130 non votes. 130 "here"s when asked to make a decision.

McCain/Palin is my choice

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