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Originally Posted by Malkuth View Post
Also some wanted to add maps.. Even though that won't be possible.. We could have a 2nd resource called LP.. (land Points) which represents the amount of land your race owns.. Every player starts with a certain amount of Land Points say 5.

This could directly effect the amount of houses you can build, and or gold mines, and factories that can be built.

LP points can be taken with a direct attack something a little different then say attacking for gold.. I think attacking for gold should be considered maybe a raid. But to attack LP that would be an all out attack that would cost you money, and a Higher % of soldiers lost if you fail.

To keep it fair every player would be able to keep 1 or 2 LP points to keep them in game that they can't lose.

this would also help with Allies, the LP points can be added up from all allies to form one huge LP pool for the alliance that gives benifits too all in allies.
We can add maps down the road, although that would probably be too ambitious for the v1 release. Eric
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