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Originally Posted by Eric View Post
I know. Wouldn't that be cool? We could have special zombie-defense weapons and could equip some soldiers especially for that eventuality. I don't much about games like this, but I have never heard of anything like this.

It could go even deeper. You can fight to turn the zombies away or to kill as many of them as possible. Fighting to kill as many as possible would obviously be more risky and costly, but you would have chance of gaining something valuable and you would do damage to the zombies. Let's say the zombies have 'x' amount of strength each day. Someone can turn their attack, but they wouldn't hurting them much, so the zombies would be stronger for the next person they attach. We then make each attacked person's method of defense a matter of public record for all to see. If someone gets their clock cleaned by the zombies and then sees buddy 'x' fought them the hour before and did nothing to blunt the attack, he might have some allegiances to remap.
Or even take that a step further and give people the ability to sell out someone else to lessen the zombie attack on them, but the kicker is the person they screwed over would know it. Eric
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