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Let's say we have a map with maybe eight or ten different regions. When you join, you start out with a certain amount of money. You have to buy a place to live, in addition to weapons, soldiers, etc. Each region will have a different combinations of strengths and weaknesses. Mountainous areas are expensive and have hard winters, but fewer zombie attacks and they are much more defensible. The coastal areas are cheaper, but you have to worry about pirates and zombies and such, plus the area is not very defensible. The storms suck too. Perhaps someone doesn't have enough money to start, to live in anywhere, but one of the bad or mediocre areas. He must kick some butt and gather some gold to move to better regions, which costs money both to move and to buy the new place.

There could be a number of autonomous threats, each specific to a certain region, but with a lesser probability and with lesser impact, they can affect surrounding regions. Stuff like:
  • Sea storms
  • Winter storms
  • zombies
  • pirates
  • mountain trolls
You get the idea. Each region has its drawbacks. Some of the autonomous threats grow stronger, if they aren't defeated properly. Perhaps if a troll isn't killed, he gets smarter and stronger. If the zombie hordes don't get culled back regularly, that get so strong that many people will have to ally to fight them back. All of this could add very interesting dimension to the game. Eric

BTW, each year could be a month long, giving us four seasons, in a fairly short span. Perhaps you have to set aside a certain amount of money for food and heat, or some of your people die in the winter. Maybe the coastal storms are stronger during the warm times, etc. EP
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