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Yeah a lot of things do have to change to balance this game. The game is unbalanced right now beyond imagination.

Having the only resource really in the game the thing that you lose when you attack is almost certainly not going to work and make everyone not want to play this.

Bigger countries will always just pick on the smaller ones and steal money.. While the smaller ones will never have any money to grow. Something else has to be lost when Your attacked.

Coming up with another system like you can purchase soldiers, when you are attacked you use soldiers to defend... But both parties lose soldiers like in the real world. The attacker has to have a risk.. Even if powerful etc.

So some ideas on how the attack system can work will be a good option to talk about today. Because right now its not working too good for the new players.. And also doesn't work for higher players because they have nothing to gain right now because no reason to attack since no money.

So Lets hear your ideas on how the Attack system on players should work. What should we lose? What should atacker lose?
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