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Originally Posted by Glock 19 God View Post
I honestly think the whole clicking on the recruitment link is the wrong way to do this game. You need to be able to build some kind of building which will allow the creation of units and weapons.

Eric and Mal, you should seriously go sign up for an account in Earth 2025. Just so you can get an idea of how that works and the kind of concepts that can taken and modified to fit GT Army.

If you have buildings in which you can manufacture units and weapons you can create a REAL market. That way a person can make gold to work on their army without being FORCED to attack another army. It would enable a TRUE definition of a defensive race. I think that is one of the biggest problems with this game ATM.
And we agree with you. And what you say is hopefully something that can be worked into the game... In fact that would work great..

I know Eric whats this game to be a fun game, but the scope of Earth 2025 might be way beyond what he wants or can do. But some of the ideas like how to build armies, and make money can be used if it will work. And like we said, we are willing to listen to all ideas.

But right now I don't think Eric has any time to give to a whole new game like earth. But I will check it out.
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