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Originally Posted by Glock 19 God View Post
I am not saying to make the game anywhere near as advanced as Earth 2025. I am simply saying to look at some of the concepts. That is all. There are alot of good things that can be used to make this game much better, which would not require the game to be near as advanced.

I also am not saying to join Earth 2025 and actually play the game. Just make an account and look at the game, read the rules, take a couple turns, etc.......

I am a big supporter of this GT Army game, and I have 8 years experience with Earth 2025. I will be here to give as much of my suggestions and opinion as Eric wants to listen.
Sounds good. Don't be afraid to say how things work in Earth.. For instance how does the attack system work? What happens when you attack? Diplomacy etc.
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