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Originally Posted by Glock 19 God View Post
I am trying to think of where to begin. It is

When you attack the enemy the units that you have sent out are inactive and cannot be used for 24 hours. They will be taken out of your total units on your army page and placed into a Brigade with a timer. They will be subtracted from your units during that 24 hours which means if you are attacked the only defenses that are figured into the defense equation are the units that you have NOT used to attack, or AKA the units that are still active.

When you attack you do multiple things to the target country. It is all based on ever-changing equations. They change the equations almost every round of gameplay. The game resets every couple months. You will take a percentage of their total cash, oil, and food bushels. You will destroy a percentage of their turrets, and whatever other military units are active and at home in that country (tanks, jets, and soldiers). You will also destroy a percentage of their buildings.

All actions with military units require a certain number of oil barrels. Therefore, you cannot attack or defend if you do not have such a stockpile of oil barrels. If someone attacks you, and you do not have enough oil to cover your entire military, the number of units in which you can support are the only ones that are counted into the equation.

Spy Operations:

The general operations include spying on military units. You will find out the number of each unit that the target has in possession. Including being able to see how many are "at home" and how many are inactive away from home in a Brigade that he used to recently attack someone. You can also spy on the number of missiles the target country has which will also allow you to see how much research the target has accumulated and in which categories. As, the number of research effects a number of things greatly in Earth.

The advanced pre-emptive warfare type operations are to be used before you would attack a country with your military units. You can do things like cause dissension in his ranks, which would make a number of his standing army (soldiers) to leave and become citizens. You can defuse his missiles, poison his stockpile of food bushels, burn his oil fields, sabotage his air strips, etc etc etc.

There is sooooo much more to the game. But, I am somewhat sick of typing and I think I have given quite a bit of insight into how it works.
I really like the Attack Ideas, I think that could work for the game.. I don't know about using Tanks and planes (maybe if eric likes the idea) but the idea of using a number of soldiers in an attack and having you lose those soldiers for a 24 hour period are great!! I mean that would require you to think about who you are attacking... And if you really should use that many soldiers or not.

Almost certainly something has to change with what we gain in GTarmY when we attack. Taking everyones gold is just stalling the play field and making the game boring to newbies. So I'm almost certain this will change. It has too.

I like the extra use of spies too. Right now it cost you 50 gold just to find out someone only has 3 gold.. LOL.

Good job.
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